New & Modern Mountain Retreats

To be completed in 2022, Elevate Villas are designed and constructed to the highest standard and quality. Where most building in Brian Head are 30 years or older, Elevate Villas sets a new standard. With 2 villas to choose from:
Villa 1: 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathrooms, game room, sauna and jacuzzi.
Villa 2: 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, sauna and jacuzzi.

Mesmerizing 180-Degree Views Abound

With Elevate Villas, breathtaking views abound with 180-degree views of Brian Head Ski Resort, Parowan Canyon, and the valley below. As you sit on your balcony enjoying the warmth of the fire-pit, the views overlooking the Brian Head Ski Resort, Parowan Canyon and the Valley below are as mesmerizing as the flames of the fire you are soaking in. With panoramic views abounding, Elevate Villas will elevate your expectations of mesmerizing views.

Surrounded by 2 Ski Lifts, Villas SetS a New Standard for Ski-In and Ski-Out

Elevate Villas is one of the only true Ski-In and Ski-Out destinations in Brian Head. Surrounded by not one ski lift but two ski lifts. With Navajo Express (Chair Lift 4) on the west side, and the Pioneer Ski Lift (Chair Lift 6) on the north side, more of the mountain is quickly accessible. Simply walk out your back door, strap on your skis and glide down the groomed trail. You are now connected to 71 of Brian head´s premier ski runs.


According to AirDNA (a company that extrapolates historical rental data), a 6-bedroom unit in Brian Head generates $148,161 in revenue per year if you own the villa 100%. Projected expenses are $83,108 per year. An Elevate Villa is projected to make $57,961 per year after paying all expenses. Besides earning you money, you have 160 days a year to stay in your villa. Affording you freedom to stay in your villa when you desire and turning your villa into an income-generating property.

Leave the Hassle of Maintenance to Elevate Villas

When you are an owner of a comparable property, you have the hassle of plowing your driveway & walkways, maintaining the exterior, maintaining the yard, repairing broken items, obtaining, and paying your utility bills, replacing broken & old furniture, paying property taxes, obtaining & paying insurance, and finding someone to clean your property.
When you purchase your Villa, you will become part of Elevate Villa´s non-profit homeowner´s association. Leave it to your Elevate Villa´s non-profit homeowner´s association to take care of these hassles.

Winter Activities

Elevate Villas affords you more than just skiing during the winter months. Your family can engage in a plethora of amazing activities, including:

Snow Shoeing


Cross-Country Skiing


Ice Skating

Ice Fishing

On Mountain Dining

Summer Activities

Elevate Villas are the gateway to summer activities in and around Brian Head.

Mountain Biking

Live Concerts

ATV Riding


Summer Tubing

18-Hole Disc Golf


Archery Shooting


National Parks